Athletics Tasman


TSS Champs 2024

Monday 11th March 

Saxton Field Athletics Track, Nelson

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Meeting Manager                       Vanessa Tappenden

Referees Track                            Tony Aikenhead / Louise Smulian

 Field                                              Tony Aikenhead, Vanessa Tappenden

Event Coordinator                       Esther Rush

Technical Manager                      Tony Aikenhead

Announcer                                      Tim Cross

LJ Wind Gauge operators          Vern Marden + Nayland College (1) Nelson College for Girls (1)

Starters + assistants                     Steve Whiti +Derek Shaw + Bob Leslie

Marshalls                                          Angela Whiti + Phil Costley + Noeline + Garin College (2)

Track –Umpires                             All hands-on decks for relays

Lap scorers                                       Anni Pfitzinger + Nelson College for Girls (1)                                 

Finish Line                                        Anni Pfitzinger + Nelson College for Girls (2)

Hurdle Changes                              Garin College plus all others

 Field Events                              Athletic Tasman will have 1 person to Chief each event (bold)

Long Jump                                        (Don)

Long Jump Pit 1                      Brian McManus + Marlborough Girls (5),

Long Jump Pit 2                     Aynsley Moore + Marlborough Boys College (4), Nelson College (1)

High Jump                                       Alysha Mace-Gold + Waimea College (3)

Discus                                               Mike Beever + Nayland College (4)

Shot Put                                        Craig Harford + Nelson College (4) (1 more adult)

Javelin                                             Cass Mitchell + Motueka HS(4)

Runner                                          Waimea College (2)

Food delivery                               Sport Tasman (Esther get 2 helpers)

Results / photo finish                 Louise Smulian, Fiona Bryan

Field equipment                         Tony Aikenhead

Set up and pack down: 1 adult +2 students per school (7am Monday 11 March) – NAYL, NCOG, NELC, WMEA, GARI


Managers Meeting is at 9:30. Officials meeting at 9:15 please, to distribute paperwork as this has been an issue the last couple of years. 

TSS Official  & Helpers